Contract Services

Need your own onsite IT Professional but don’t want to take on a permanent member of staff? 

Want quality, professional IT help but only part-time?

Need cover for sickness, maternity, holidays?

Need fixed term help for preparation of or rollout of a project?

Crawford Coulson has up to 2 days per week to provide this service, as an agreed minimum number of hours per month. The time is made available in half day slots for a fixed fee but clients must commit to a (flexible) minimum term. If you are interested, it is advised to discuss this as soon as possible to reserve the limited time available for this.

The benefits of this over break/fix type support are numerous, especially with the security and data protection issues of today.

You will have a faster running, well documented, carefully monitored, well maintained and more secure IT system .

Better running systems with support issues quickly resolved will usually equate to happier & higher productivity from your staff. A computer that takes ages to boot or that crashes often, a slow wireless system, high quantities of junk email, a server with full to capacity hard drives etc.  will quickly consume business time and money!

Benefits typically include:

  • ensuring your backup not only runs regularly but that test Restores are carried out regularly
  • ensuring your licensing is fully compliant
  • ensuring all your equipment is itemised
  • establishing protocol for safe old equipment disposal
  • advice and more importantly, the implementation of security measures from drive encryption to isolated guest networks
  • ensuring all updates are installed to protect against security issues including firmware updates for routers, printers, firewalls, wireless access points etc.
  • access to monitoring of your equipment logs with the emphasis on reducing breakdowns
  • having a log system in place for all IT hardware and changes
  • providing staff with the opportunity to ask questions face to face
  • talks and training for staff
  • advice, quotation and implementation of systems that may be better for your business
  • implementation of useful features that never got implemented, perhaps that web filtering system to show your business protects your staff from unsavoury web content or an email filtering system to save time with an overload of SPAM emails
  • easier access to support for emergencies and quicker resolution of issues
  • and of course the familiarity of a friendly face and a professional you can trust