Signal Computers is able to advise, quote and supply much IT equipment such as:


  • modem/routers
  • wireless access points
  • switches
  • USB sticks
  • components needed for repairs or upgrades (hard drives, power supplies, RAM modules)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) and external hard drives


  • Microsoft Office 365 for home use
  • Microsoft Office 365 business subscriptions
  • Microsoft Office Desktop Software (outright purchase as opposed to subscription)
  • Symantec Security software for stand alone computers
  • Symantec Endpoint Cloud Security software subscription for business computers


  • Due to low cost, low margin, box shifting it is usually cheaper to source a home computer, screen or printer from a retail park or online. Signal Computers can still advise on what to look for and what to avoid and additionally can set your purchase up for you in your own home and offer some useful pointers in its use.
  • John Lewis are probably unique in offering a 2 year warranty as standard on their technology sales including computers, something to consider if extended warranty is important to you! 
  • If you are after a laptop, it may be useful to visit a retailer to see a variety of laptops in the flesh. Check the screen size, build quality, touchpad, features (what ports are on offer, e.g. do you need a HDMI or network port), does it have a CD/DVD drive built in, is the keyboard backlit, is it touchscreen) and the feel of keyboard to ensure it suits your needs and preferences.


  • Signal Computers supply business grade computers & screens for businesses and these will usually include the Windows Professional version of the Windows 10 operating system which includes BitLocker encryption, domain join and remote desktop functionalities. 
  • Serious business printers, expected to do high volume printing are best supplied by a specialist printer Company along with a support contract.