Signal Computers has a great reputation for providing professional support using little technical jargon! Support is provided to both home and business users.

 Typical support can include:

  • carrying out annual ‘Check & Tune’ services on computers
  • email issues such as emails not sending, PST corruption errors (emails are often stored on computers as files called PST files)
  • help with general software use
  • help with Office 365 administration (new users, adding domains or email addresses, blocking access to ex staff, tightening security etc.)
  • help with server administration (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP etc.)
  • installation of updates or firmware updates
  • upgrade of specialist software (e.g. Sage, databases)
  • helping with Internet issues (slow Internet, no Internet – often your provider will not request an engineer to attend until you can show you have carried out certain tests yourself and Signal Computers can help with these)
  • resolution of wireless issues
  • resolving issues where software stops working
  • keyboard not in UK layout
  • setting up a backup system
  • recovering data from a backup system or from a failed drive
  • setting up emails on a Smartphone
  • removing login ID’s, then wiping a Smartphone prior to sale
  • configuring a Cloud syncing service (e.g. Onedrive or Dropbox)
  • security wiping hard drives of old computers
  • setting up Network Attached Storage (NAS). This is a great way to share files in a business without the additional cost of a dedicated server. (Of course in some situations a dedicated server is a better solution) 
  • configuring rules on a business grade firewall
  • setting up remote access for home workers