The most popular upgrades carried out are the following:


RAM is the ‘quick thinking’ memory that a computer uses, as opposed to the storage area (hard drives). The minimum required these days to deal with a modern operating system and antivirus software and basic computer use is 4Gb. 8Gb or even 16Gb is fast becoming the normal amount. If you do photo or video editing, have a lot open at once or rarely like to restart your computer, then more RAM could make an instant improvement in performance and is simple to do and relatively affordable.


Data is stored to hard drives which have typically been fairly slow, fairly low capacity mechanical devices. However now they are available in huge capacities (Terabytes rather than Gigabytes) and one drive can hold an incredible number of high quality photographs!

Newer Solid State Drives (SSD) have no moving parts and are therefore more reliable and operate significantly faster. One of the best performance upgrades therefore is to change an older mechanical drive for a SSD drive.

As long as the original drive is in working order, it can usually be ‘cloned’ to the new drive meaning everything – files and programs – will copy over as an exact replica so when you get your computer back with the new drive, everything will be as it was; but a lot faster in operation!