Website Design

Website design is undertaken using WordPress as the CMS (content management system). This allows you to log into an admin area, and make many changes yourself without additional expense (e.g. change the opening hours or wording of a paragraph).

Signal Computers does not create eCommerce websites (ones that sell directly from their pages), for this you need a specialist website designer that is  on top of the many security and legal issues that apply to such websites.

For a website, you will need the following all of which can be provided for you:

  • a domain name (e.g. )
  • somewhere to ‘host’ this (so it can be found by other Internet users)
  • copy of the wording and an idea of what pages (Contact, About, Services etc.)  you wish to appear. Writing suitable wording is an art in itself, asking a specialist could return dividends in a better website and better search engine rankings if you 
  • High quality photographs to provide visual interest
  • High quality logo

Costs will include:

  • renewal of your domain name
  • annual hosting of your website
  • support costs
  • an email system using your domain name is usually extra, either a basic one hosted with your website or a Microsoft Office 365 hosted one

Basic websites can be relatively cheap as they can share server space with many others (but kept separately) but once your website is popular (or specialist) drawing lots of traffic you may need a dedicated server for your website which will be relatively expensive – offset of course against the fact that it must be working for you, to be drawing so much traffic.

Signal Computers specialises in ‘advert’ style websites that can be hosted on shared servers.